black friday shoppingg

its crazy what people would do to save money. i heard on the news this elderly man got died because he got trampled.. and this lady had a miscarriage because she got trampled.. just to save a few dollars? is it really worth to behave that way? i think thats pretty sad.. but hey i cant do nething about it.. its how people are..

anyways i went shopping after it died down. the lines were still crazy long but there was no pushing or trampling. i went to the mall wit my sister, my friend amanda, her sister, and dane. i ended up buying some clothes and visionaire liquid last liner from mac's metal urge collection. i haven't bought clothes in foreverr. its always makeup.makeup.makeup. i really need to cut back on my spending on makeup.. i thought about getting some of the cream shadows but i didnt like the texture too much. i wanted pink platinum but when i swatched it, it was very sheer. i was really looking forward to this collection. kinda disappointed about it but thats okay. i saved some money thats a plus.. hah after the mall we went out to eat at O'charley's yum :]

i got a couple of tank tops on clearance from hollister

i got a dark gray turtle neck sweater from the body shop

i bought a beret from wet seal
and a long turtle neck sweater from the body shop
andd a black overcoat from the body shopp
i lovee itt X3
everything in the body shop was 25% off till 1pm i got in there like 12pm hah lucky me
&& everything in wetseal was 30% off
great deals plus i got sleep wit it lol :o]

**ill take a pic of visionaire later i forgot too.. lol

what'd you guys gett? :]


one more paper to go!

i turned in my barbie paper today. i stayed up till 2:30 working on it. i managed to write exactly the required minimum, 1000 words. i feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. until our in class paper which is gonna be the exam.. lol i just got home from my cross country banquet. it was so much fun! it made me realize how much im going to miss it! :[ i skipped track so i can get rdy for it.. lol anyways im excited tomorow is a half day of school. i'm gonna get more free time to come up with more looks :]] i need to go buy a pair of ardell wispies. my old one i use for every tutorial are jacked up.. i'm overly excited about thanksgiving. i love food.. lol

china glaze flying dragon
CN sonic yellow
gold glitter

ps. i'm thinking about doing some nail tuts
BUT idk how to angle it so that the camera can see what i'm doing
plus my camera won't focus when my hand is close to the lens
i did a tutorial on this look but its so blurry so i didnt post it up..
but yeah any suggestions?

manish arora palette X33

it's so flipping cute! i couldn't stop looking at it... hah

inside all of the cuteness
left to right:
going bananas
electric eel
deep truth

MSF so ceylonn

my new winter blush and bronzer!
2 in one :]
^^ its my new lovee.
i kinda ditched dollymix for it..

graffiti? :]i absolutely LOVE grafitti art.
i can never ever ever EVER draw block letters perfectly identical which annoyed the crap out of me
so everytime i do block letters i make them graffiti-like
why? because they dont have to be the same but at the same time they look decent

oh and a short note
if you wanna draw words on your face
draw them backwards in your perspective so
when ppl look at you they can read it..
took me a couple trys to get it.. lol

nyx jumbo eye pencil in strawberry milk, hot pink, and horse raddish
prestige eyeliner in white
120 pro palette (pinks and greens)
loreal white reflets pigment
ardell falsies
loreal eyeliner

mac natural skinfinsh
mac liquid last liner
120 pro palette
hot pink and horse raddish jep

mac canton candy paint
mac dazzleglass in like venus

ps. i did this look for a contest :D


tomorrow is friday!

yay! omg so today my friend came back from the mariness and came to visit me at school. he's SO sweet. hes changed soo much. he gave me like 10 hugs haha. he's going back to train or something in a couple days. aww i miss his alreadyy..lol he came like right before track practice. so today at track we did hang cleans, flat bench press, squats, and lateral pull downs. i'm supposed to be keeping track of how much i lift in a log but i figured i could do it on here because id probably lose the log.. :]]

hang clean - 60
bench press - 75
squats - 105
lateral pull downs - 45

current weight 117

let's see how much i weigh by the end of the season
last year i was like 130?

i'm pretty weak compared to most our sprinters.. lol
but hopefully ill get stronger :]

i'm currently being distracted from my pschology paper.. hah



another school day.. and random updates

lets see lets see.. hmm havent really had time to update. i've been uber busy with school. i was late to class today cuz my brother decided to wake up at 8:45 and shower. and the bell rings at 9. soo yeah.. i got an A on my macbeth paperrr though! that made my day hah. not too much happened today at school. i was falling asleep all over the place.. oh some random freshman tired to get my number hahah.. when he asked me what grade i was in and i told him i was a senior and he was like oh.. and kinda just walked away lol.. i have a synthesis paper on how barbie is a pop culture icon due next tuesday that i really need to start on. i accidently killed 2 hours when i fell asleep after my shower..lol i was planning to start today

Oh and my manish arora palettle came in monday. its soo cute. it was smaller than i expected it to be though. i got it for the pink color.. lol i love pink..hehe i have a thing for pinks.. xD on sunday i went to the mall, and i bought the so ceylon MSF from mac. i got the LAST one. i was so lucky haha. it looks pinky bronze? idk but its gorgeous. it give my face a shimery glow. lately, ive been wearing instead of dollymix. i'm lovin' it. After the mall, me and my bf went out to eat at O'charley's with some friends to catch up. it was fun :] my friend spilled sprite all over himself haha

ill takes pics of the stuffs laturr
idk if i can do the swatches my camera drains the pigmentation from the colors..



my skin routine requested by sweetihun

for the record, i dont have perfect skin. i get pimples and whatnot too. but heres what i do :D

i use cetaphil daily facial cleanser every nite. it was recommended to me by my physician when my skin was awful. i've tried soo many acne products. i tried proactiv. didnt work butit turned my face red..lol during the winter when its more drying to my skin and i just use it every other day.
to clear up my skin, i use benza clin. this has to be prescribed by a doctor though. i use it for spot treatments. it's extremley drying to the skin. works fast though

before i used benza clin, i used neutrogena's on the spot treatment. it does pretty much the same thing. benza clin is stronger though.

i use cetaphil's moisturizing cream to moisturize my face. i apply it before i go to bed. it's not too greasy like the cetaphil lotion. sometimes i apply it before i use my mac mineral skinfinish

i use oil-free makeup remover by neutrogena to take off makeup. it kinda feels oily but it says oil-free idk how that works. but i lovee this stuff. i tried the mac pro eye makeup remover in place of this stuff. lemme tell ya it burned the crap out of my eyes. idk why..lol but anyways this stuff easily takes off waterproof mascara and eyeliner too.

another important factor to keeping skin clearer! CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES. brushes can be a breeding ground for germs. so clean them. :] i use clinique's makeup brush cleanser. i just spray it onto my brushes and massage it into them and run them under warm water.

you can it all this stuff at walmart (except the benza clin and clinique stuff)
any questions just ask meh :D



Taggedd by tamzkiwi!

my top 5 pick i can't live without!

1. maybelline dream mousse bronzer- i LOVE this stuff. it gives me the soft shimmery bronzy look without making me orange. i wear it when i'm not wearing dollymix. it's great for winter too!

2. mac select cover-up- this stuff is a lifesaver. or face saver..lol i use it to cover up my gross zits and blemishes. i rarely breakout when i do this stuff is a MUST HAVE. i had the moisture cover-up by mac too but it made my face greasy. i like this stuff alot better.

3. mac mineralized skinfinish- MY FAVORITE ITEM EVER. i can't live without it! lol it evens out my skin and provides just enough coverage. it feels light on and doesn't break me out. i want to try out a liquid foundation but i'm too scared it'll break me out. lol but i dont rele need that much coverage so i use this stuff. only thing is it's kinda drying to your skin especially during the winter.

4. maybelline lash stylist- it the only mascara that works for mee. idk why it keeps my lashes curled while lengthing and giving them volume. mascara is essential to eye makeup. it really opens the eyes and makes them look larger and brighter.

5. mac charcoal brown e/s- this is my everyday color. i just put some in my crease and blend and i'm ready to go! lol it looks natural and it defines my eyes without making them look smaller like blk e/s would.

6. if i had a 6th item. it would be mac's c-thru lipglass. BEST LIPGLOSS EVER. love ittt. if you dont have it your crazy :P goes perfect with every look!



nail art, anyone?

ever had a spiral nail put on? well i put on myself not too long ago, it lasted 2 days. i hit it on the steering wheel driving..hurt SO bad.. then i bit it off lol.. idk how ppl work with long ass nails.. but idk i hate wearing acrylics they're so damaging. and i bite and pick at it..lol so usually just grow my own nails out :]

anyways i did this for my cosmetology teacher at school for fun. i represented my school in the nail division for a fair competition. i won first. but this wasn't the entry.. some bitch in one of the cosmo classes broke the nail on my entry and hid it on top the the tv.. -_-


wakey wakey!

i just woke up from a 3 hour nap lol. i'm so worn out with track.. theres so many new people running. it gonna be so much more competitive this year, but thats ok i love competition :] anywho i was soo flippin' excited last night! i was on the mac website and they briefly had the manish arora palettes up!! i asked my bf if i could borrow his credit card to buy itt he was like sure :] hehe i checked again today the palettes are gone. that was really fastt. anyways i was so glad i got my hands on it. lol i wanted it soo bad but it sold out before i got home from school. the packaging is uber cutee

my prizes from BlueStarCreation's contest and Shexilicious' contest

For BlueStarCreation's contest everyone that entered atomatically got a free nyx eyeliner or lipstick
i got nyx snow white round lipstick. it soo pretty! i love itt; i was so happy! haha now i dont have to use red eyeshadow as a lipstick :]

From Shexilicious i gott
a pair of falsies- i've been needing a new pair my ardell ones are like falling apart lol
a loreal pigment sample in after the rain - pretty greenn color
annabelle duo blush and bronzer - i love the bronzerr idk if the pink will show up on me. maybe idk i get pale during the winter :P
avon waterproof mascaraa
quo honey glaze lipgloss
aziza eyeshadow palette - the colors are kinda sheer; they might be darker with a base. they look pretty thoughh
clean and clear moisturizerr
a trikeel e/s brush - kinda similar to the mac 242
4 mineral eyeshadows from everyday minerals in bubble tea (cute name hehe) , mistletoe, plain view, and glass bottom boat- i haven't swatched these but they look gorgeous


finally some stressed relievedd

i finally turned in my paper for my professor. i skipped lunch to work on itt.. it was pretty shitty paper.. compared to my friend's..lol but im just glad that over with. i still have a macbeth paper due monday. and i'm getting another paper assigned tomorrow. gay. i'm so sore from practice yesterday i can barely sit.. i feels like i haven't really had a break the past week. i'm always busy wit something. i have track again tomorow. this is gonna be fun lol eh i never know write for these things hah..



so this morning i broke a nail on my right hand opening my car door. thats a great way to start off your morning.. lol it hurt so bad because they were my real nails... i was mad cuz i just painted them saturdayy
well anyways nothing really happened at school. after school me my friend and my sis ran a little bit. then i started practicing on my hurdling form. i'm rusty.. lol my entry for makeup987's alter ego contest uploaded finally!

yes i painted my own nails on both hands. i love crazy nail art. :] (i practice so when it comes to painting my own nail im ambidextrous)

my nails! (left hand)

process of putting on feathers!

i just got done putting on the feathers
yes i made the eyelashes from feathers.
why the random red feather?
an excuse to be able to use my dangerzone trio! lol i was gonna do it blue.. but decided not too
this my first time i ever made eyelashes i used some halloween eyelashes as a base and added feathers on. i glued them using tweezers and elmers glue. i used my dad's screwdriver to curl them. i heated it over the oven and ran it over the back of the feathers.

nyx jumbo pencil in black bean
mac paint pot in bare study
mac dangerzone trio
mac kitchmas pigment
hip metallic duo sculpted
too faced glitter liner
loreal eyeliner in black

mac dangerzone (red)

mac mineralized skinfinish
mac dollymix blush

mac dangerzone (red)
loreal eyeliner in black
mac c-thru lipglass


feathers everywhere!

so today was just another ordinary day. i cleaned the house. i finally finished making my falsies for makeup987's contest. i was soo excited! they're a bit dramatic. i love it tho haha i even did my nails to make it match the theme. i walked around the house with the falsies on and my parents were like wtf is wrong with u. lol i also did a look for jinahchae's contest :] for her contest you are supposed to recreate your one of your favorite guru's looks. so i recreated makeup987's "fave look." i love this look ahh i love the colors too!

Everything i used to recreate this look was drugstore brand :]
no nyx, mac, stila, ect

my camera died about 5 times when i was freaking recording..

her link:

her version:

she's amazing and absolutely gorgeous!
check her out! :D

prestige eyeliners in white and denim
prestige e/s in angel
prestige e/s duo in frenzy
elf quad in pretty n' pinks
hip duo in roaring (dark blue)
hip duo in riotous (lime green)
maybelline turquoise jewel
loreal eyeliner in black
ardell wispies
CG lashblast

physician's formula mineral wear
maybelline bronzer mousse in sunglow

nyc lipgloss trio in soho sweet heart

the mess i made! haha

stuff i used before it was everywhere lol
it was hard to find feathers that were the same size. i had to trim them and resize them. she said she wanted dramatic falsies. i did my best to give her dramatic falsies lol :] it actually took me a week to get it all done. i had so much going on. oh and i put nail rhinstones on them too (not pictured) yep yep school tomorrow bleh..



Track Conditioning :D

hmhmhm.. i just finished my research paper on makeup. i learned alot of the crazy stuff the did back them hah. like washed their eyes with lemon juice to make them bigger and brighter. shit i'd die if i did that.. lol
crazy crazy.. anywho i've been so busy with school i haven't had time to do any looks. Track conditioning just started today. we went to the weight room. i taught the new runners lifts like squats, power clean, bench press, ect. i hate first days back. imma be a hella sore tomorrow. its gonna suck! i really need to get off this bad eating habit i eat everything..lol




so today my package from eyecon1219 came in i was so excited! lol
i love getting mail haha

i got some elf brushes!
i've been needing some brushes lol
elf e/s quad = lovely soft pink shades!
elf powder compact
elf lip liner
hip duo (GORGEOUS COLORS! one of them reminds me of mac's beauty marked)
nyx walnut pigment = my new everyday color haha
nyc lipgloss compact
jane gel eyeliner! this stuff doesnt budge
well, i swatched it on my hand and ran it under water
and tried to smear it and it didnt smear :O lol
i can't wait try out this stuff!

BACKTRACK: so yesterday my friend amanda texted me and was like let's go to wild wings! so me and my sister went to wild wings and chilled wit her and heather. my friend lucas works there and amanda was trying to get him to hook her up with this cute guy that worked there! ahah she's like 16.. and he came over and talked to us and told us he was 23! anyway amanda was mad cuz he was way too old for her. but he gave her his number? lol but she said her parents would be like hell no. lol but he looked like he was 18-ish? After we left me and my sister hit up Micheal's (craftstore). Idk why but i LOVE going into craftstores and just looking around haha. i ended up buying a lowell cornell brush for liquid/gel eyeliners. it's really stiff and it'd be good for winging the eyes. i also got some smaller colored rhinestones and spotted feathers! for what? you'll find out. ;D well, that is if everything works out the way i plan! :]

anyways that was pretty much the highlight of my day. I live a pretty boring life. Today was senior skip day and sadly i didn't skip.. i was like one of the few seniors that didn't skip. hah i'm such a loser. I accomplished nothing at school today..Oh well, so that's that. Back to working on those papers..boo.. >_> i get distracted so easily..i hate it lol