so this morning i broke a nail on my right hand opening my car door. thats a great way to start off your morning.. lol it hurt so bad because they were my real nails... i was mad cuz i just painted them saturdayy
well anyways nothing really happened at school. after school me my friend and my sis ran a little bit. then i started practicing on my hurdling form. i'm rusty.. lol my entry for makeup987's alter ego contest uploaded finally!

yes i painted my own nails on both hands. i love crazy nail art. :] (i practice so when it comes to painting my own nail im ambidextrous)

my nails! (left hand)

process of putting on feathers!

i just got done putting on the feathers
yes i made the eyelashes from feathers.
why the random red feather?
an excuse to be able to use my dangerzone trio! lol i was gonna do it blue.. but decided not too
this my first time i ever made eyelashes i used some halloween eyelashes as a base and added feathers on. i glued them using tweezers and elmers glue. i used my dad's screwdriver to curl them. i heated it over the oven and ran it over the back of the feathers.

nyx jumbo pencil in black bean
mac paint pot in bare study
mac dangerzone trio
mac kitchmas pigment
hip metallic duo sculpted
too faced glitter liner
loreal eyeliner in black

mac dangerzone (red)

mac mineralized skinfinish
mac dollymix blush

mac dangerzone (red)
loreal eyeliner in black
mac c-thru lipglass


cta808 said...

hey hun never new u had a blog any who love this look and the matching nails u are so creative i was about to ask u where u purchased the eyelashes from great job and goodluck on the contest i hope u win :) <3chanel

eyecon1219 said...

gorgeous ! gl with her contest ! and yay i'm so happy you used the prizes lols =)

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is some fierce makeup!

AnneNguyen said...

ur look should be put on the cover of a fashion magazine!! lol

PiNKSUGARR said...

wow... stunning! and so creative :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the basic tutorial!