OMG bath & body works sale! :D

so my parents never really give me presents for christmas. they just give me money so i can go shopping the day afterwards. soo me and my sister went to bath and body works! andd i got some vincent longo makeup! it was 75% off. the e/s trio were originally $30 and i got the eye shimmer souffle. i think that was like $24. BUT with the discount i got everything for like $23 :D they're very pigmented and i love the finishes. the mousse is super shimmery. i personally don't like mousse too much for the eyes. i would think it'd crease. idk its pretty though :D

Left to right: paradise love, stella untold, argento

paradise loststella untold


without base and with UDPP
light cream shade from paradise love
blue from paradise love
teal/green from paradise lost

2nd from the bottom: argento, light pink from stella untold
bottom: brown from stella untold, coral/orange from stella untold

i got some mac stuff tooo. ive been needing another blending brush. the only blending brush i have is the mac #217 and a elf brush. i asked the mac mua which one i should get between the #222 and #224. she said the #224 so i got the #224. lol its alot fluffier. the #222 was really pointed. i didnt really like that. idk just personal preference. i also got some more msf cuz i'm running out D: lol andd i picked up painterly paint pot. its matte and similar to bare study minus the shimmer. i'm probably gonna start using it for my everyday looks. i like matte looks for my everday looks. :]

the #224 is less stiff and longer then the #217. idk i haven't tried it out yet. my fave right now is the #217.

bare study, painterly

i bought another hat! its for track. whenever i start running my ears get cold. soo hopefully this will keep them warm! lol




so i got my cpu back today! it loads everything so much faster. the only thing is it blocks like every website. so i have to click "allow" for it to load like every page. its kinda annoying.. but oh well. i did some shopping for myself. it my christmas present to myself hah.

mentha lip shine, naked frost, snowscene, transparent teal reflects, bronze reflectsmm my friend got this for me. it tastes so good. lol
it doesn't really moisturize your lips. it does make them shine but it doesn't last long cuz u'll end up licking it off hah. i like it though i love the cooling sensation. i think you can get them at bath & body works. they're originally $7.50 but they're $3 right now

mac transparent teal and bronze glitter

top: bronze reflects (dry), (wet)
bottom: transparent teal reflects (dry), (wet)
i like to use my glitters wet cuz it helps avoid fall out
i love the bronzeee. its soo prettyy

left to right
snowscene, naked frost
i lovee snowscene it gives your lips a frosty look
and it has pink and teal-ish fine glitter
if you wanna get nething from the chill collection i'd say get snowscene :]

&& i couldn't help myself. i bought another beret from wet seal. its HOTPINK. i'm in love haha i usually don't wear hats but i love berets i don't rele have nething to match this except a hot pink tank top :] but idc ill make it work




so my cpu has a virus and it freezes and shit all the time
im on my brother's cpu
my cousin took my cpu to try to reformat
idk when itll be back but yeah..


one more day

one more dayyy of schoool!
yay! exams today were a joke.. like seriously they were pretty much common sense questions
i have a 105 in psychology and 92 in regular english
i got a B in my college credit class i was soo excited! :]]

today i went to the mall to get my contacts but the order wasnt in yet
so i stopped by mac and they just got the chill collection
i'm not to fond of the eyeshadows idk the black looks like black tied and some of the other colors looked like warming trend and omega (just my opinion) i have colors very similar to the ones in the collection.. the pink was pretty but it was kinda light

i picked up transparent teal glitter and snowscene lipglass
both gorgeousss :D
mm ill take pics laterr
all the lipglasses from this collections are beautiful
i only have 4 lipglosses from mac
like venus dazzleglass, wonderstruck, c-thru, and i just got snowscene :]
i want them all but i know i wont wear them lol i usually just wear c-thru
i might go back and pick up naked frost because i love nude lipglasses



hollyofmirkwood2's contest prizes :]

another LONG day at school
i have the ACT test tomorrow. i gotta reviewww
my prizes came in from hollyofmirkwood2. that was some fastt shipping.. 2 days :O
i wasn't expecting it till the end of next week. THANK YOU SO MUCH for everythingg :]

so when i open the package the 3-d refects glitter was open and everywhere
so everything was sparkly lol
i gott:
mac pigment sample in azul blue and pink pearl = gorgeous colorss
mac 3d reflects glitter = soo pretty it was everywhere lol
yankee candle in sweet violets = smells soo goodd
avalon organics shaving gell
anti bacterial gel from Bath and Body Works in cherry blossom
lush's godmother's soap sample (the wrapped thing) = smells like heavenn haha :]
paula's choice 1% beta hydroxy gel & hydrating cream & balancing moisture gel
lush's mudflats soap? idk what thats for
face maybe?
andd Tony and Tina's dolphin star pigment sample

left to right
pink pearl, azul blue, 3-d silver, dolphin

left to right
azul blue, pink pearl, dolphin star
3-d glitter is all over my hand :D
dolphin star and blue azul kinda look the same but dolphin is more greenish teal
^a slice of heavenn! haha looks like chocolate xD
its a handmade soap
you can get these at www.lush.com
or contact them at 1-888-733-LUSH if you wanna try thesee :]
i think the godmother one is like $3 a bar
they have solid shampoo & conditioners, bath oil, soap bubble bar slices, massage bars, and body conditioners.
&& they dont contain preservatives.

my eyes have been super dry lately. it might be cuz ofmy contacts. my eye doctor gave me a different brand of contacts because apparently i have a stigmatism. blah it's not really bad though. i cant wait till next week is over with. this weekend is gonna be super busy. i have the ACT test tomorrow. then work. then go to my friend amandas house for a bonfire. andd i have to bake a birthday cake for my nephew. he's turning onee sunday. he has the biggest prettiest eyes everr. lolX33



so my exam was today. i wanna say i got a c. not sure. i suck at writing papers. especially timed papers. uhm so my eyes have been swollen and itchy lately. kinda looks like i have monolids.. idk from what..allergies? maybe i haven't been wearing alot of makeup lately.. i've been preoccupied with school hopefully the swelling will go away and ill start making videos over christmas break! :] well after my cpu gets reformatted. it has bugs on it :/

power clean 65
front squats 45
incline bench 55
leg press 100

80 hamstring curls
2 pulls ups lol :]


i got tagged by miss gloriaa :D

Ive been tagged by gloriababycc (Be Happy) for this survey.
A.)Answer the following questions using only one word.
B.)Pass this on to 7 people...

  1. Ahoy Mate!!!
  2. Beauty is Passion
  3. Kimberly Tia
  4. Make me blushhh
  6. Style Walker
  7. It's Called Maintenance

1. Where is your cell phone? bedroom
2. Where is your significant other? school
3. Your hair color? black
4. Your mother? home
5. Your father? eating
6. Your favorite thing? hope
7. Your dream last night? non-existent
8. Your dream/goal? success
9. The room you're in? living
10. Your hobby? running
11. Your fear? spiders
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? successful
13. Where were you last night? sleeping
14. What you're not? hater
15. One of your wish-list items? makeup
16. Where you grew up? TN
17. The last thing you did? eat
18. What are you wearing? pajamass
19. Your TV? on
20. Your pet? playing
21. Your computer? infected
22. Your mood? tired
23. Missing someone? yess
24. Your car? crappy
25. Something you're not wearing? jewelry
26. Favorite store? walmart
27. Your summer? fun
28. Love someone? mhm
29. Your favorite color? pinkk
30. When is the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? dunno
32. Are you a bitch? no
33. Favorite Position? hm
34. Favorite Past Time? photos
35. Are you a hater or a lover? loverr




clean jerk 60
upright row 55
dead lift 115

vertimax 60 sec
10 lunges
20 frog jumps

weight 119


i made an -A on my barbie paperrr! and i found my driver's license.. lol.. i flipped put when i couldnt find it. i have been driving without it since october.. i'm so dumb. i didnt realize it until i was looking thru my wallet for it and couldnt find it. i had left it in my track bag from taking the ACT test... i always thought it was in my wallet behind my pic because there was a card there, but it was my school id.. but i found it and thats all that mattterrss! i look awful in the pic.. hah i'm like super orange

oh and i figured out what im gonna use visionaire forr!
it makes a pretty lipgloss lol
i just dab some on my lip and blend out with my finger and put a gloss over it!
idk if thats ok for your lips but thats what i do
oh and put chapstick on b4 though. (it might be drying to your lips)



busy busy

my english final is coming upp thursday. not looking forward too that. ive been shopping all day today for presents and ect. i bought my mom a pair of rele pretty swaroski studs and my bf a polo from ae. i hate shopping for guys. i never know what to get them and when i ask him he says he doesnt want nethingg. *sigh* any ideas? i bought this cargo eye lighter pencil thing. idk why haha i dont rele need it but my sister wanted it. i also got my cousin's wife some makeup from sephora. i got her a brush blush and foundation from bare escentuals. idr what shades. i alrdy gave it to her.. she doesnt know how to use makeup and im trying to teach her.

** still trying to upload my everyday look videoo. keeps disconnectingg.. wanna shoot my cpu.. lol




bench 60
squat 115
one are row 15
clean jerk 55

80 hamstring curls

vertimax- 60 sec
15 frog hops

i'm pooped..
nap timee lol

* i cant get my everyday look video up its been raining alot and my internet is being stupid.


track conditioning

i skipped practice all last week.. lol now i get to start all over in weights yay..
we're getting closer to the actual season starting and i really need to start running on my own time


incline bench 45
dumbell shoulder press 15
clean jerk 55
dead lift 110

50 crunches
50 side
50 toe touches

i'm pretty sure the weight i gain wasnt muscle
i blame thanksgiving lol




so this morning i woke up at like 7:50 and i got out of bed and rushed to get rdy and everything lol i did rele fast makeup and threw my hair up. i did another look yesterday when i got bored too :]

this is what it kinda looked like :]
(i'm working on my everyday look video)

britney spears slave inspired lookeyes
nyx jumbo eye pencils in pacific, black bean && hot pink
mac talent pool
120 palette (hot pink)
mac black tied
loreal loose pigment in white reflets
prestige white eyeliner
CG eyeliner
CG lashblast
ardell wispies

mac natural skinfinish
mac so ceylon
mac dollymix

mac c-thru

another dramatic look :]
i LOVEE doing dramatic looks! :]

hip cream eyeliner
mac dangerzone (black)
nyx jumbo pencil in black bean
CG eyeliner
prestige white eyeliner
too faced silver glitter liner
mac gesso
extravagant eyelashes

mac natural skinfinish
mac dollymix
physician's formula baked bronzer

mac c-thru

my liquidlast linerr in visionairee
such a pretty color!
idk what im gonna use it for lol

i hope everyone is having a fab monday!