hollyofmirkwood2's contest prizes :]

another LONG day at school
i have the ACT test tomorrow. i gotta reviewww
my prizes came in from hollyofmirkwood2. that was some fastt shipping.. 2 days :O
i wasn't expecting it till the end of next week. THANK YOU SO MUCH for everythingg :]

so when i open the package the 3-d refects glitter was open and everywhere
so everything was sparkly lol
i gott:
mac pigment sample in azul blue and pink pearl = gorgeous colorss
mac 3d reflects glitter = soo pretty it was everywhere lol
yankee candle in sweet violets = smells soo goodd
avalon organics shaving gell
anti bacterial gel from Bath and Body Works in cherry blossom
lush's godmother's soap sample (the wrapped thing) = smells like heavenn haha :]
paula's choice 1% beta hydroxy gel & hydrating cream & balancing moisture gel
lush's mudflats soap? idk what thats for
face maybe?
andd Tony and Tina's dolphin star pigment sample

left to right
pink pearl, azul blue, 3-d silver, dolphin

left to right
azul blue, pink pearl, dolphin star
3-d glitter is all over my hand :D
dolphin star and blue azul kinda look the same but dolphin is more greenish teal
^a slice of heavenn! haha looks like chocolate xD
its a handmade soap
you can get these at www.lush.com
or contact them at 1-888-733-LUSH if you wanna try thesee :]
i think the godmother one is like $3 a bar
they have solid shampoo & conditioners, bath oil, soap bubble bar slices, massage bars, and body conditioners.
&& they dont contain preservatives.

my eyes have been super dry lately. it might be cuz ofmy contacts. my eye doctor gave me a different brand of contacts because apparently i have a stigmatism. blah it's not really bad though. i cant wait till next week is over with. this weekend is gonna be super busy. i have the ACT test tomorrow. then work. then go to my friend amandas house for a bonfire. andd i have to bake a birthday cake for my nephew. he's turning onee sunday. he has the biggest prettiest eyes everr. lolX33


Anonymous said...

Great Prizes!!! I can't wait to see what u do w/it!!

Good luck on the ACT...It just brought soo many memories of HS. The good old days!

kieunga24 said...

thanks girl! ill need it lol
once my eyes get better and finals are over with i will definitly do a look! :]

M said...

oh the pretty pigment samples! woohoo!

gloriababycc said...

hehe.. those pics of ur nephew is sooo cute!