Elf Haul!

Hola loves!
I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day! :]

So my sister and I recently bought a bunch of elf stuff. The shipping was actually quite fast. Our order came within 5 days! haha. So with this brand, I've heard their products are either hit or miss. Here's a picture of our haul. I haven't gotten a chance to actually use everything, but when I do I will definitely post a review! We got all of this for $20. that includes shipping! The lip products were 50% off. :]

We got:
3 shader brushes
4 hypershine glosses; 2 in bubblegum; 1 in vixen; 1 in flirt
3 lip balms; 2 mellow melon; 1 peaceful pink
1 matte lip color stick in natural
1 lipstick in barely bitten

More nail pictures! These are pictures of my natural nails with JUST POLISH. I don't wear acrylics or gel or any of that. So here's a picture of my valentine's day nails. I just went with a simple french and a heart design on my ring finger along with the words love in cursive. My boyfriend doesn't like wild nails so I kep it simple for him. :P

Gorgeous blue color!! It's called Dorothy Who? by China Glaze. I wore it a while back for new year's. I adore glitter.

pretty. pretty.

So it's starting to get warm where I live. Thus, my allergies are acting up; I used to never have allergies but it the past 2 years my eyes gets super swollen and itchy when spring starts. & it makes my eyelids super uneven and it's really irritating. It looks like I've been crying..T_T *sigh* Anyone know a good way to help the swelling??



Just another day.

So I'm sitting here doing physics homework. AND IT ONLY TOOK ME 10 minutes to do. hah that's new. it usually takes 1+ hours to do.

Well, anywho I decided I'm going to try my best to post stuff on my blog. It takes a less time than creating videos. Soo yeah.. :]

I got this cute trapper hat from wetseal. My boyfriend thinks I look like an eskimo. He also says I have balls when I'm wearing it. hahah :x

SUPER CUTE & keeps my ears warm.

Okay, so this is one of my absolute FAVORITE nail polish colors. It's called OPI ink. I think it looks soo sexy and mysterious! haha It's a blackened purple with fine purple glitter. It looks purple in light and black when it's dim. I wore it in a photoshoot I did a while back <3. I used to not like dark polishes because I thought they looked gothic, but I grew to like them. :]

<3 it!

Oh, my sister and I also ordered a bunch of stuff from elf today because they were having a 50% off on all their lip products. I'll definitely post a review and haul sometime :]

lots of love!


RAWR! :3

I'm BACK, temporarily. Currently, still in school. It sucks butt. I'm currently taking statistics, calculus 2, physics, and spanish 3. Calculus and physics are kicking my butt. My physics class is pretty much self-taught. We have lecture once a week and a lab every week. My calculus class is just gibberish to me. hah. Math is not my cup of tea. Stats isn't too bad. I tested out of the first 2 years of spanish, but I haven't had the language since my junior year in high school.

It's currently 1:30 A.M. and I should be sleeping, but I decided to fix my blog since it was jacked up for the longest time..lol. I miss updating and stuff.. I was just checking up on my bloggy; too my surprise I have 77 followers O_O. I've gained so many followers even though I haven't posted in like a year or so. D: that's ridiculous, but it does make me happy :D

I should be doing calculus homework.. grr..

sorry, this was a boring post..haha
here's a picture of some nails I did at work to help balance out the boredom.

back to doing homework..boo..