RAWR! :3

I'm BACK, temporarily. Currently, still in school. It sucks butt. I'm currently taking statistics, calculus 2, physics, and spanish 3. Calculus and physics are kicking my butt. My physics class is pretty much self-taught. We have lecture once a week and a lab every week. My calculus class is just gibberish to me. hah. Math is not my cup of tea. Stats isn't too bad. I tested out of the first 2 years of spanish, but I haven't had the language since my junior year in high school.

It's currently 1:30 A.M. and I should be sleeping, but I decided to fix my blog since it was jacked up for the longest time..lol. I miss updating and stuff.. I was just checking up on my bloggy; too my surprise I have 77 followers O_O. I've gained so many followers even though I haven't posted in like a year or so. D: that's ridiculous, but it does make me happy :D

I should be doing calculus homework.. grr..

sorry, this was a boring post..haha
here's a picture of some nails I did at work to help balance out the boredom.

back to doing homework..boo..


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