Just another day.

So I'm sitting here doing physics homework. AND IT ONLY TOOK ME 10 minutes to do. hah that's new. it usually takes 1+ hours to do.

Well, anywho I decided I'm going to try my best to post stuff on my blog. It takes a less time than creating videos. Soo yeah.. :]

I got this cute trapper hat from wetseal. My boyfriend thinks I look like an eskimo. He also says I have balls when I'm wearing it. hahah :x

SUPER CUTE & keeps my ears warm.

Okay, so this is one of my absolute FAVORITE nail polish colors. It's called OPI ink. I think it looks soo sexy and mysterious! haha It's a blackened purple with fine purple glitter. It looks purple in light and black when it's dim. I wore it in a photoshoot I did a while back <3. I used to not like dark polishes because I thought they looked gothic, but I grew to like them. :]

<3 it!

Oh, my sister and I also ordered a bunch of stuff from elf today because they were having a 50% off on all their lip products. I'll definitely post a review and haul sometime :]

lots of love!

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