Elf Haul!

Hola loves!
I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine's Day! :]

So my sister and I recently bought a bunch of elf stuff. The shipping was actually quite fast. Our order came within 5 days! haha. So with this brand, I've heard their products are either hit or miss. Here's a picture of our haul. I haven't gotten a chance to actually use everything, but when I do I will definitely post a review! We got all of this for $20. that includes shipping! The lip products were 50% off. :]

We got:
3 shader brushes
4 hypershine glosses; 2 in bubblegum; 1 in vixen; 1 in flirt
3 lip balms; 2 mellow melon; 1 peaceful pink
1 matte lip color stick in natural
1 lipstick in barely bitten

More nail pictures! These are pictures of my natural nails with JUST POLISH. I don't wear acrylics or gel or any of that. So here's a picture of my valentine's day nails. I just went with a simple french and a heart design on my ring finger along with the words love in cursive. My boyfriend doesn't like wild nails so I kep it simple for him. :P

Gorgeous blue color!! It's called Dorothy Who? by China Glaze. I wore it a while back for new year's. I adore glitter.

pretty. pretty.

So it's starting to get warm where I live. Thus, my allergies are acting up; I used to never have allergies but it the past 2 years my eyes gets super swollen and itchy when spring starts. & it makes my eyelids super uneven and it's really irritating. It looks like I've been crying..T_T *sigh* Anyone know a good way to help the swelling??


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