summer, oh summer

it's so damn hottt. lol :]

CCO shoppingg! yayy i went shopping at the outletss :]
i bought a new kathy purse. it's whitee. i wanted the purple one it was so sexy but white matches everything better. only thing i dont like about getting white is it gets dirty fast so i bought this leather protectant which keeps dirty off ofleather and suede. allyou do it spray it on let it sit foran hour. and then you're ready to go! i also got some flip flops from old navy; 2.50 for a pair :D great deal! i got navy, pink, yellow, and brown. i also got a couple tops from rue 21 and a pair of sandals and a pink adias duffle bag. i didnt take pics of that stuff though i forgot lol.i also did a mac haull!

i boughtt paradisco, coppering, and twinks eyeshadows!
i also got fresco rose paint pot and gentle mineralize blush :]]
my sister bought turquatic perfume. smells LIKE heaven. mmmm..

top: fresco rose; gentle
bottom: twinks; coppering; paradisco

[click on the pics to enlarge!]

my simple everyday look :] i wear browns on a daily basis. i'm trying to explore and wear new colors out. i'm so boring hahah

i wear plums and purples now! haha of course i still mix browns somewhere in there. :P i wore this out to go see hangover. HILARIOUS movie. haha like my polo? it matches my bf's! i'm such a dork hehe :o]

mac fresco rose; allover eye lid
mac satin taupe; all over lid and into the crease
mac star violet; all over the lidd
mac sketch; in the creasee
mac twinks; in the crease
mac stars and rockets; middle of the lid and middle of the lower lashline
mac gorgeous gold; tear duct area
mac carbon; smudged on the upper lashline
lashblast mascara
mac smolder eyeliner; upper half and lower half of the lashline

mac msf medium dark
bare escentual's warth bronzer (cheeks)
mac so ceylon (cheeks)
nars orgasm

mac angel lipstick (favee lipstickk)
virgin kiss l/g

i love painting my nailss :]
i wore a french tip with a pink and purple design last week

this week i decided to be bold. so i painted them crazy neon colors :D lol

father's day cakee.. it's a picture of my daddy jumping hahaha :]
it was soo yummy

awwww :] anh kiet and minh chau

like my crazy blue eyes? lol they're by clearly contacts. they're called clearly colors in aquatic alluree. :]
i got them from


i've been meaning to make a YT video but i'm too damn lazy the heat makes me just wanna lay around the house.. lol.. i changed the background to something different. eh? kinda boring. lol i wish i knew how to customize my own background and do all that cool shit like all the other bloggers haha

:] peace out


Pop Champagne said...

!!! jealous! we got no outlets here in canada booo! hahaha lovely father's cake, it must have been delicious! And Loveeeeeeee the last pic of you! <3

Anonymous said...

awwww wat a nice cake! and love the nails!

KIITZYY said...

hey girl! just stumbled across your blog and i love it! ur sooo pretty! :) and i am soo in love with ur nails!!

pokerface34209 said...

hi! ive been trying to order the same clearly colors contacts from costal contacts but they only have 14.0 and my eye diameter is 14.6? does it matter?

thanks jade<3