hair chopped off + beach + mini haul

I recently chopped off my pretty long hair :[ i've been growing it out. i went to get 3 inches off and my 3 inch haircut turned into a 6 inch one. blah. i like the cut i just wish it was longer. on the bright side my hair feels healthier and its alot easier to manage! and i use less shampoo haha

i painted my nailss! its pink leopard from. i'm a sucker for animal print! hah i used opi rose quartz as the base and made light pink splotches and then painted black c's and spots on them

yay for mini hauls! i got the lustre drops in sun rush and a lipglass in liberated. theres nothing really too special about the lustre drops in my opinion. i use it as a highlighter on my cheeks and a lip stain. idk if you're allowed to use it on your lips but its pretty with a gloss over it. liberated is pretty much clear with lil gold shimmers. its pretty. my sister wanted it so i got it for her.

short hurr and geo angel circle lens in brown!

so when i went to the beach i packed a crap load of makeup. and when i got there i was too lazy to put it on haha. all i used was my smashbox primer, fix+, mac msf in medium dark, so ceylon, talika conditioner mascara, andd maybelline bronzer mousse in sun glow. it was way to hot to wear makeup. it was pointless cuz id get sweaty and gross and itd just run and be blah.

ma and my sissy!

mini car! lol :D

sand art :]]

gorgeous beach!

short hair and circle lens!

lots of BOOTY!

hehe X3kieunga


*Nehs* said...

love the nails! can't do that w/ my own nails. :((

Kitty In Da City said...

ur hair looks great... so healthy!

*Nehs* said...

thanks so much for dropping by beautiful! :)

DSK said...

hawt beach pics! ^_~ I love getting my hair cut :P

Anonymous said...

ur hair came out really good. that was really brave of you! and honey u n ur sis look soo happy!!!

u right about the lustre drop. i totally skipped out in that one.

anywho...ur finally going to have f21!!! yay

....ps love the booty shots

✿Ji✿ said...

Omg the nails look awesome!♥

Pop Champagne said...

you're so cute and I loveee your nails!

✿Ji✿ said...

Thx for stopping by!^-^
I'm really curious about your nails! How did you make the pattern?^^