one more day

one more dayyy of schoool!
yay! exams today were a joke.. like seriously they were pretty much common sense questions
i have a 105 in psychology and 92 in regular english
i got a B in my college credit class i was soo excited! :]]

today i went to the mall to get my contacts but the order wasnt in yet
so i stopped by mac and they just got the chill collection
i'm not to fond of the eyeshadows idk the black looks like black tied and some of the other colors looked like warming trend and omega (just my opinion) i have colors very similar to the ones in the collection.. the pink was pretty but it was kinda light

i picked up transparent teal glitter and snowscene lipglass
both gorgeousss :D
mm ill take pics laterr
all the lipglasses from this collections are beautiful
i only have 4 lipglosses from mac
like venus dazzleglass, wonderstruck, c-thru, and i just got snowscene :]
i want them all but i know i wont wear them lol i usually just wear c-thru
i might go back and pick up naked frost because i love nude lipglasses


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