so i got my cpu back today! it loads everything so much faster. the only thing is it blocks like every website. so i have to click "allow" for it to load like every page. its kinda annoying.. but oh well. i did some shopping for myself. it my christmas present to myself hah.

mentha lip shine, naked frost, snowscene, transparent teal reflects, bronze reflectsmm my friend got this for me. it tastes so good. lol
it doesn't really moisturize your lips. it does make them shine but it doesn't last long cuz u'll end up licking it off hah. i like it though i love the cooling sensation. i think you can get them at bath & body works. they're originally $7.50 but they're $3 right now

mac transparent teal and bronze glitter

top: bronze reflects (dry), (wet)
bottom: transparent teal reflects (dry), (wet)
i like to use my glitters wet cuz it helps avoid fall out
i love the bronzeee. its soo prettyy

left to right
snowscene, naked frost
i lovee snowscene it gives your lips a frosty look
and it has pink and teal-ish fine glitter
if you wanna get nething from the chill collection i'd say get snowscene :]

&& i couldn't help myself. i bought another beret from wet seal. its HOTPINK. i'm in love haha i usually don't wear hats but i love berets i don't rele have nething to match this except a hot pink tank top :] but idc ill make it work



Anonymous said...

great haul. glitter looks good!!

i love the hat soo cute. pretty color

kieunga24 said...

thanks girl! :D

eyecon1219 said...

ooh nice haul ! thanks, i'm glad you liked the color ! you can still do yours ! you have time =). Merry Christmas to you too ;D.

M said...

merry christmas babe~

mmmmh mac piggiess look tastey :P

btw i force those antlers on them haha

gloriababycc said...

love the hott pink hatt!!! very original.. ive never seen it done b4!