OMG bath & body works sale! :D

so my parents never really give me presents for christmas. they just give me money so i can go shopping the day afterwards. soo me and my sister went to bath and body works! andd i got some vincent longo makeup! it was 75% off. the e/s trio were originally $30 and i got the eye shimmer souffle. i think that was like $24. BUT with the discount i got everything for like $23 :D they're very pigmented and i love the finishes. the mousse is super shimmery. i personally don't like mousse too much for the eyes. i would think it'd crease. idk its pretty though :D

Left to right: paradise love, stella untold, argento

paradise loststella untold


without base and with UDPP
light cream shade from paradise love
blue from paradise love
teal/green from paradise lost

2nd from the bottom: argento, light pink from stella untold
bottom: brown from stella untold, coral/orange from stella untold

i got some mac stuff tooo. ive been needing another blending brush. the only blending brush i have is the mac #217 and a elf brush. i asked the mac mua which one i should get between the #222 and #224. she said the #224 so i got the #224. lol its alot fluffier. the #222 was really pointed. i didnt really like that. idk just personal preference. i also got some more msf cuz i'm running out D: lol andd i picked up painterly paint pot. its matte and similar to bare study minus the shimmer. i'm probably gonna start using it for my everyday looks. i like matte looks for my everday looks. :]

the #224 is less stiff and longer then the #217. idk i haven't tried it out yet. my fave right now is the #217.

bare study, painterly

i bought another hat! its for track. whenever i start running my ears get cold. soo hopefully this will keep them warm! lol



eyecon1219 said...

oh great haul ! i didn't know bath and body works sell vincent longo ? hmms..i need to check mine out to see if they have it lols. the 224 is an awesome blending brush, but the 222 is really good as well. cause it's tapered so it gives you more control in where you want to specifically blend. you should def. give the 222 a try next time =).

M said...

the souffle does crease! i have it in oasis and its a gorgeous colour but even with a base it doesn't seem to stick :T

me heart the 217 just like you :P

Anonymous said...

i keep missing out on vincent longo !! everytime there's a sale...i miss it =(... booo sucks to be me!!

#217 will always be my favorite too!!

Kimberly Tia said...

oooo those b&b shadows look really fun! can't wait to see you create a fabulous LOTD with them!!! and i soo need to invest in getting myself a nice soft 224... sigh!
Im envious!