busy busy

my english final is coming upp thursday. not looking forward too that. ive been shopping all day today for presents and ect. i bought my mom a pair of rele pretty swaroski studs and my bf a polo from ae. i hate shopping for guys. i never know what to get them and when i ask him he says he doesnt want nethingg. *sigh* any ideas? i bought this cargo eye lighter pencil thing. idk why haha i dont rele need it but my sister wanted it. i also got my cousin's wife some makeup from sephora. i got her a brush blush and foundation from bare escentuals. idr what shades. i alrdy gave it to her.. she doesnt know how to use makeup and im trying to teach her.

** still trying to upload my everyday look videoo. keeps disconnectingg.. wanna shoot my cpu.. lol


Mzz. Linhh said...

hey! I love your tutorials!! haha. sorry..that was weird..I can't wait to see the everyday look, you seem to have natural knack for make up, your videos are supper fast and i like that, very NOT boring.


Nancy said...

haha im glad you like them!
i'm still working on uploading itt.. lol its been like a week..