clean jerk 60
upright row 55
dead lift 115

vertimax 60 sec
10 lunges
20 frog jumps

weight 119


i made an -A on my barbie paperrr! and i found my driver's license.. lol.. i flipped put when i couldnt find it. i have been driving without it since october.. i'm so dumb. i didnt realize it until i was looking thru my wallet for it and couldnt find it. i had left it in my track bag from taking the ACT test... i always thought it was in my wallet behind my pic because there was a card there, but it was my school id.. but i found it and thats all that mattterrss! i look awful in the pic.. hah i'm like super orange

oh and i figured out what im gonna use visionaire forr!
it makes a pretty lipgloss lol
i just dab some on my lip and blend out with my finger and put a gloss over it!
idk if thats ok for your lips but thats what i do
oh and put chapstick on b4 though. (it might be drying to your lips)


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