Prizes from Bellydancequeen1's runway contest

YAY! Today i got my coastal scents matte 88 e/s palette and urban decay potion primer from Kristy! :D i was so happyyy! haha i've always wanted to try out a coastal scents palette! It really made my day :DD hehe THANKS GIRLL!

I lovee the matte finish e/s! well not all of them are completely matte but most of them are.
andd i loveUDPP! its amazing.

In comparison to the 120 palette:
88 cs palette pros:
- all e/s have a similar matte/satin finish unlike the 120 palette where all the finishes are different and some of the e/s are really powdery/chalky
-comes with a mirror and a couple of applicators

-the 120 palette has 32 more colors and a variety of finishes (it can be pro or con i guess)
-i think the 88 cs palette costs more off coastalscents.com with shipping and everything. i got the 120 palette off ebay for $25
- the e/s pans are a little smaller

-very pigmented

i kinda like the 88 palette better cuz i love matte e/s. idk yet :]
ps. its just my opinion

size comparison to a mac e/s pan
its pretty small but i'm sure itll last a good while!

can't wait to try it outtt! then ill tell you what i really think of the palettes!


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M said...

niceeee! i've yet to order the 88 palette >.< congrats on the prize!