yay spell cosmetics!

i got my prize from gypsydancermacaholic's contest today. yay! i was soo excitedd. haha i'm always excited when i get stuff in the mail. i love opening stuff. i recieved 5 spell pigments :] i've always wanted to try out spell cosmetics! thank you soo muchh gypsydancermacaholic and spell cosmetics! check them out if you get the chance! :]



the packaging was so cute! lol it looked like a little christmas present!

i got 5 spell pigmentss
left to right
virgin, storm cloud, purple haze, scene, delveleft to right
virgin- shimmery white (reminds me of mac vanilla pigment then again i dont have it so idk lol)
storm cloud- matte light grey. now i have a matte grey :D
purple haze-a light lavendery color with pinkish/purple shimmer. soo pretty!
scene- shimmery bright coraly pink? idk i thought it was red at first haha. its gorgeous!
delve- a minty matte green. pwetty pwetty. :]

overall i love the color pay off and colors. they're quite pigmented. :]
check their stuff out if you get the chance.



Mzz. Linhh said...

you probably win so many contests bc of your creativeness!! you remind me of this girl I knew in high school...i was jealous of her =x. lol but yeahh congrats on winnning!

kkkkatie said...

Hey! I've been visiting your site for a while now, and you are so creative =)

Please check out my makeup sale at:


I've accumulated way too much makeup over the past year and I would really like to get rid of some to make room for new loves =)

Mucho gracias!

kieunga24 said...

hehe thanks girls!

Beauty Maintenance said...

SOrry for the late comment but I'm so glad you got our prize and that you like it. Your look was amazing and you are so talented. Thanks again for entering!