hey lovies! sorry i haven't really been updated my bloggy. ive gotten really lazy. i've been so occupied lately. I recently competed in the regional level for nails for my school. we had to do 3 fiberglass tips and 2 pink and white acrylic application then freehand nail art. i did an ugly duckling theme. i placed first. :] That was exciting. I'm going to state in april. if i place in state, i go to nationals somewhere in kansas. I've had track practice everyday. Hurdling is so frustrating. I cant get my 3 steps down. my trail leg is bruised up lol. my big toes are bruised too haha idk how that happened... my friend tripped today and scraped up her knees and arms... shes okay though lol...hurdlings a bitch..haha..but its soo much fun.. uhmm our first meet is march 11. :]which is good cause our school pageant is march 10. i'm running haha. my friends convinced me. i need to find a formal gown and a casual outfitt. oh and i got a couple things from the hk collection. i got the pink fish tlc and she loves candy lipglass. i LOVE the pink fish tlc i want another one haha but its sold outtt. i like the lipglass too but ive worn it like twice? i wear pink fish like everyday now. :] i didnt really want anything else? which is odd idk the colors in the palettes didnt really appeal to me. the colors were very easy to dupe. but the packaging is a hella cute haha i kinda just wanted it because it had hk on it baha.

hope everyones doing well

X3kieunga ;]]


12ayOFsunSHYNE said...

Congrats and good luck! =]

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Anonymous said...

busy busy!! congrats and good luck!!! i also didn't find the palettes appealing.