STUFFSS with oodles of pics

hey ladies! here are some things that happened in the past month :]

Prom! :D it was so much funn. i did my own makeup and hair. i also did my friend's makeup and hairr! she looks stunning!

mac cork
mac charcoal brown
mac carbon
stila's kitten
mac #3 falsies
mac eyeliner

mac c-thru and chapstickk

revlon colorstay foundation
mac studio finish concealer
mac studio fix powder
nars orgasm
mac msf so ceylon
makeupforever hd powder


my pretty dress! :]]best friend, sister, mee

my boy!
last day in art! :[
my art buddy! :D

he surprised me with a hello kitty cake on my bday :]
he's so sweet. i have the pic on my phone idk how to get it on my cpu hah..

my etching print

hello kitty silk screen!
it SO CUTE. i was very pleased with how it turn out <33>

teddy bear my daddy got forme from canadaaa :D

circle lens anyone?
i finally got my hand on a pair of these. i got the geo angels in brown. :]
i ordered the blue nudys too but they messed up my order. they gave me a refund though and they let me keep the hk contact case from the promotion they were having.
i ordered from:

i <3 hk
geo angels up close

makeup haul from my birthday, graduation, and ect

i got some darkness and cherry lashes. the cherry lashes were from a contest hosted by the lovely MakeupXa. thanks girl! i know a lot ofyou ladies want wonder where you can get the darkness lashes. here's the site i got them from:

my teacher gave this palette to me as a graduation present :]
it pretty pigmented. i love the glosses! idk where she got it from thoughh.
i got these piggies from miss Makeupxa alsoo
they are GORGEE! they are by bella pierre. :]
i got a studio finish concealer from mac for prom. it has spf 15. they say spf makes your face look shiney in photos, but this concealer didnt make me shiney at all. i lovee it! its the most opaque one and it deff lasts all day.andd i got mac cork and mac vanilla
i bought the revlon colorstay foundation in golden caramel. haha this shade matched me perfectly. the lady at walgreens probably though i was retarded or something i kept running back and forth to a mirror comparing the bottles of foundation to my skin. i finally picked out a shade and it was perfect thank goodness cuz i bought it for prom cuz i wanted something that would last all day. and i got mac studio fix powderr in C4 to set it. which is a bit light for me but whatever illprobably go get a darker shade for the summer and save it for the winter. the blush was from makeupxa. its a gorgeous coral-ish color. perfect for all skin colors! its called desert rose and its by bella pierre.

i got a nyx lipstick in honey also from miss makeupxa. its a beautiful nude color. something that id actually wear! i usually dont wear lipstick it makes me feel like im wearing too much. i also picked up virgin kiss lipglass and loving touch see thru lip color from the rose romance collection. they look great togetherr :] andd i got some sephora lipglosses as a bday gift from sephora.

i got an eyelash conditioner by talika from sephora. it was $40. its supposed to condition your lash and make them grow. you can wear it as a base under mascara also. ive been using it for a about a week. ive nocticed my lashes are slightly longer :] yay

my all time favorite mascara! has been discontinued?! wtf gay. my bf ordered these from online. im kinda upset they discontuedd the lash stylistt mascaraa. it was my favve i loved the wand. its the only mascara thats worked for mee. it was cheap and it worked good. blah i have to go on a mascara hunt after i run out.. boo..

CUTE. i saw this in charolette russe and i was like omg i must have thiss! so i got it. i dont have anything to wear with it yet. but i like it :D its very himegyaru-ish
the 1st 2 tops are from the body shopp <3 and the plaid one is from wetseal
Burfday dinner wit frans!
at chillisss <3>





bday at home wit the fam!
i look gross. hah.

hahah kiet in the sink
soo i reached the state lvl. i represented my school in the nails division. i placed 2nd. i got alot of nail polish and colored acrylic :]

Each competitor had to do one hand of fiberglass nails and one hand of acrylic nails using a nail forms. (nail forms SUCK) after that one hand had to be painted with a matte red nail polish and the other hand was to be designed on.

here are some pic i took! :]

the ladies!

the nails that placed 3rd!

my lovely model!
i did a killer whale scene with a sunset background. the background took longer to paint then the whales.. lol
the nails that placed 1st

hope you ladies enjoyed my post <3


Miss imperfect said...

o0o wow i had the same prom dress as you your nail designs are so cool and creative

gglovebaby said...

AMAAZING POST! a little of everything... haha. happy belated prom & birthday! <3 and wow, that nail competition is intense! what an awesome job and unique competition to be in... im surprised its thru ur skool???? nice etching print too.. u just have many artistic talents up ur sleeve haha

Anonymous said...

what an update love!!!

you absolutely look stunning from prom and u definitely did not need to go get ur hair n makeup done professionally because u r damn pro urself!!!

Happy Belated Birthday!

.cupcake love. said...

AW !
Look at you in your gorgeous blue dress!
You&* your bf look SOO cute
Happy belated birthday too !
I never knew there was a nail competition?
Is that from your HS ?
i miss you!

Miss imperfect said...

i got my dress from cache's too i had to alter it cause it was too long for me

~Mel said...

aww.. u look gorgeous hun! =)

Nu Nu Doll said...

You looked absolutely stunning for prom!

kelsey&iris said...

i read that you use msf natural and i was just wondering what color you use!

kieunga24 said...

i use mac msf in medium dark :] srry i t took me forever to respond.. it doesnt tell when ppl post cmts.. lol