so today my package from eyecon1219 came in i was so excited! lol
i love getting mail haha

i got some elf brushes!
i've been needing some brushes lol
elf e/s quad = lovely soft pink shades!
elf powder compact
elf lip liner
hip duo (GORGEOUS COLORS! one of them reminds me of mac's beauty marked)
nyx walnut pigment = my new everyday color haha
nyc lipgloss compact
jane gel eyeliner! this stuff doesnt budge
well, i swatched it on my hand and ran it under water
and tried to smear it and it didnt smear :O lol
i can't wait try out this stuff!

BACKTRACK: so yesterday my friend amanda texted me and was like let's go to wild wings! so me and my sister went to wild wings and chilled wit her and heather. my friend lucas works there and amanda was trying to get him to hook her up with this cute guy that worked there! ahah she's like 16.. and he came over and talked to us and told us he was 23! anyway amanda was mad cuz he was way too old for her. but he gave her his number? lol but she said her parents would be like hell no. lol but he looked like he was 18-ish? After we left me and my sister hit up Micheal's (craftstore). Idk why but i LOVE going into craftstores and just looking around haha. i ended up buying a lowell cornell brush for liquid/gel eyeliners. it's really stiff and it'd be good for winging the eyes. i also got some smaller colored rhinestones and spotted feathers! for what? you'll find out. ;D well, that is if everything works out the way i plan! :]

anyways that was pretty much the highlight of my day. I live a pretty boring life. Today was senior skip day and sadly i didn't skip.. i was like one of the few seniors that didn't skip. hah i'm such a loser. I accomplished nothing at school today..Oh well, so that's that. Back to working on those papers..boo.. >_> i get distracted so easily..i hate it lol


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eyecon1219 said...

yay ! i'm so happy you liked the prizes !! let me know when you do a look with some of them =).