Track Conditioning :D

hmhmhm.. i just finished my research paper on makeup. i learned alot of the crazy stuff the did back them hah. like washed their eyes with lemon juice to make them bigger and brighter. shit i'd die if i did that.. lol
crazy crazy.. anywho i've been so busy with school i haven't had time to do any looks. Track conditioning just started today. we went to the weight room. i taught the new runners lifts like squats, power clean, bench press, ect. i hate first days back. imma be a hella sore tomorrow. its gonna suck! i really need to get off this bad eating habit i eat everything..lol


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eyecon1219 said...

ooh that's interesting..i never knew they did that !! that's kinda bizarre and extreme right ? lols idk i don't think i would do that.