my skin routine requested by sweetihun

for the record, i dont have perfect skin. i get pimples and whatnot too. but heres what i do :D

i use cetaphil daily facial cleanser every nite. it was recommended to me by my physician when my skin was awful. i've tried soo many acne products. i tried proactiv. didnt work butit turned my face red..lol during the winter when its more drying to my skin and i just use it every other day.
to clear up my skin, i use benza clin. this has to be prescribed by a doctor though. i use it for spot treatments. it's extremley drying to the skin. works fast though

before i used benza clin, i used neutrogena's on the spot treatment. it does pretty much the same thing. benza clin is stronger though.

i use cetaphil's moisturizing cream to moisturize my face. i apply it before i go to bed. it's not too greasy like the cetaphil lotion. sometimes i apply it before i use my mac mineral skinfinish

i use oil-free makeup remover by neutrogena to take off makeup. it kinda feels oily but it says oil-free idk how that works. but i lovee this stuff. i tried the mac pro eye makeup remover in place of this stuff. lemme tell ya it burned the crap out of my eyes. idk why..lol but anyways this stuff easily takes off waterproof mascara and eyeliner too.

another important factor to keeping skin clearer! CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES. brushes can be a breeding ground for germs. so clean them. :] i use clinique's makeup brush cleanser. i just spray it onto my brushes and massage it into them and run them under warm water.

you can it all this stuff at walmart (except the benza clin and clinique stuff)
any questions just ask meh :D



linnyypiee said...

Hello! I was wondering if the Cetaphil moisturizer was Oil-free or if it breaks you out or anything like that. I have really oily skin but I need a moisturizer nonetheless. I think I might try it but I just wanted to ask you first if it works. Btw how much was the Clinique makeup brush cleaner bottle? Sorry for so many questions, love your blog by the way. I watch yoru videos on youtube too! Keep it up!!


kieunga24 said...

thanks :]

uhm i never really noticed but it's not oil-free. well the lil tube doesn't say so BUT it does say non-comedogenic. which means it not supposed to clog your pores. it hasn't broke me out yet. lol

the clinque brush cleaner i got at sephora for $12.50. i got it because it was pink.. lol :D