another school day.. and random updates

lets see lets see.. hmm havent really had time to update. i've been uber busy with school. i was late to class today cuz my brother decided to wake up at 8:45 and shower. and the bell rings at 9. soo yeah.. i got an A on my macbeth paperrr though! that made my day hah. not too much happened today at school. i was falling asleep all over the place.. oh some random freshman tired to get my number hahah.. when he asked me what grade i was in and i told him i was a senior and he was like oh.. and kinda just walked away lol.. i have a synthesis paper on how barbie is a pop culture icon due next tuesday that i really need to start on. i accidently killed 2 hours when i fell asleep after my shower..lol i was planning to start today

Oh and my manish arora palettle came in monday. its soo cute. it was smaller than i expected it to be though. i got it for the pink color.. lol i love pink..hehe i have a thing for pinks.. xD on sunday i went to the mall, and i bought the so ceylon MSF from mac. i got the LAST one. i was so lucky haha. it looks pinky bronze? idk but its gorgeous. it give my face a shimery glow. lately, ive been wearing instead of dollymix. i'm lovin' it. After the mall, me and my bf went out to eat at O'charley's with some friends to catch up. it was fun :] my friend spilled sprite all over himself haha

ill takes pics of the stuffs laturr
idk if i can do the swatches my camera drains the pigmentation from the colors..


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