tomorrow is friday!

yay! omg so today my friend came back from the mariness and came to visit me at school. he's SO sweet. hes changed soo much. he gave me like 10 hugs haha. he's going back to train or something in a couple days. aww i miss his alreadyy..lol he came like right before track practice. so today at track we did hang cleans, flat bench press, squats, and lateral pull downs. i'm supposed to be keeping track of how much i lift in a log but i figured i could do it on here because id probably lose the log.. :]]

hang clean - 60
bench press - 75
squats - 105
lateral pull downs - 45

current weight 117

let's see how much i weigh by the end of the season
last year i was like 130?

i'm pretty weak compared to most our sprinters.. lol
but hopefully ill get stronger :]

i'm currently being distracted from my pschology paper.. hah


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