one more paper to go!

i turned in my barbie paper today. i stayed up till 2:30 working on it. i managed to write exactly the required minimum, 1000 words. i feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. until our in class paper which is gonna be the exam.. lol i just got home from my cross country banquet. it was so much fun! it made me realize how much im going to miss it! :[ i skipped track so i can get rdy for it.. lol anyways im excited tomorow is a half day of school. i'm gonna get more free time to come up with more looks :]] i need to go buy a pair of ardell wispies. my old one i use for every tutorial are jacked up.. i'm overly excited about thanksgiving. i love food.. lol

china glaze flying dragon
CN sonic yellow
gold glitter

ps. i'm thinking about doing some nail tuts
BUT idk how to angle it so that the camera can see what i'm doing
plus my camera won't focus when my hand is close to the lens
i did a tutorial on this look but its so blurry so i didnt post it up..
but yeah any suggestions?

manish arora palette X33

it's so flipping cute! i couldn't stop looking at it... hah

inside all of the cuteness
left to right:
going bananas
electric eel
deep truth

MSF so ceylonn

my new winter blush and bronzer!
2 in one :]
^^ its my new lovee.
i kinda ditched dollymix for it..

graffiti? :]i absolutely LOVE grafitti art.
i can never ever ever EVER draw block letters perfectly identical which annoyed the crap out of me
so everytime i do block letters i make them graffiti-like
why? because they dont have to be the same but at the same time they look decent

oh and a short note
if you wanna draw words on your face
draw them backwards in your perspective so
when ppl look at you they can read it..
took me a couple trys to get it.. lol

nyx jumbo eye pencil in strawberry milk, hot pink, and horse raddish
prestige eyeliner in white
120 pro palette (pinks and greens)
loreal white reflets pigment
ardell falsies
loreal eyeliner

mac natural skinfinsh
mac liquid last liner
120 pro palette
hot pink and horse raddish jep

mac canton candy paint
mac dazzleglass in like venus

ps. i did this look for a contest :D


PiNKSUGARR said...

Whoa! your nails are gorgeous. Love your blog :)

kieunga24 said...

thanks girll! :]]