black friday shoppingg

its crazy what people would do to save money. i heard on the news this elderly man got died because he got trampled.. and this lady had a miscarriage because she got trampled.. just to save a few dollars? is it really worth to behave that way? i think thats pretty sad.. but hey i cant do nething about it.. its how people are..

anyways i went shopping after it died down. the lines were still crazy long but there was no pushing or trampling. i went to the mall wit my sister, my friend amanda, her sister, and dane. i ended up buying some clothes and visionaire liquid last liner from mac's metal urge collection. i haven't bought clothes in foreverr. its always makeup.makeup.makeup. i really need to cut back on my spending on makeup.. i thought about getting some of the cream shadows but i didnt like the texture too much. i wanted pink platinum but when i swatched it, it was very sheer. i was really looking forward to this collection. kinda disappointed about it but thats okay. i saved some money thats a plus.. hah after the mall we went out to eat at O'charley's yum :]

i got a couple of tank tops on clearance from hollister

i got a dark gray turtle neck sweater from the body shop

i bought a beret from wet seal
and a long turtle neck sweater from the body shop
andd a black overcoat from the body shopp
i lovee itt X3
everything in the body shop was 25% off till 1pm i got in there like 12pm hah lucky me
&& everything in wetseal was 30% off
great deals plus i got sleep wit it lol :o]

**ill take a pic of visionaire later i forgot too.. lol

what'd you guys gett? :]


M said...

you got some really cute stuff! i missed out on black friday :T was at work... doh!

gloriafatboy said...

cute haul!!!

PiNKSUGARR said...

*jealous* of your coat! It's freakin cute! :) ncie haul!

kieunga24 said...

thanks ladies! :]]